How to create a website for free!!

Here comes the main problem.....
There are many people with a high talent for writing articles Or want to start a small business for which they need a website....But they don't have enough money for buying an affective domain name.
Before for this kind of people or the ones who want to make a basic website, there are no chances...Even if they have also they need to have HTML knowledge.

But now it's not like that!
As technology is upgrading the chances and opportunities are also increasing...
There are many websites providing you a free website and the thing is you can even edit your website and no need of any HTML knowledge. Like,,, etc...

Here are the links for you (Top 5)

1) Wix

2) Wordpress (Personally recommended)

3) Weebly

4) Jimdo


As you know...For every good side there is even a bad side...


* Free website making

* No need of programming knowledge

* Easy to edit it

* Can be done on mobile phones (Exceptions)

* You can keep the name of your choice


*  The Website's name will be mentioned after your selected domain name. example:

* You may miss few features

I think these will not be a major Problems...

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