How to use Google meet on Laptop? Google meet vs Zoom

Recently Google launched a video calling feature in one of its popular products G-mail. And it became a big success. Since many weeks, zoom is the most trending video conference tool. But now even google meet came into the list.

Google meet allows upto 100 members per meeting with no restrictions on the maximum meeting time limit like on zoom. And Google meet is also user friendly because of it's user interface.

As there are few allegations on zoom app that it is gathering the user's information. This became another good point for the google meet to succeed.

And another advantage of Google meeting is that no need of installing a separate application for it on a desktop. And on the mobile phone, you need to install Google meet app which is just 11mb.

Of course, there are few features lacking in google meet which might not be a big issue. You can directly join or start a google meeting from G-mail.

How to use google meet on Laptop or PC.

The process of creating or joining a google meeting is very easy, Follow the steps below to Create or join a google meeting.:

(For better Understanding, Screen shots are included)

Go to your gmail.

In the inbox area, you can find 2 options at the left menu with the section named "Meet". This is the access point to start or join a meeting. First, let us see how we can create a meeting and give access to others to join the meeting. Click on "Start a meeting".

You will be redirected to this kind of page in another window or tab. Here you can pre-enable or disable the audio and video options. After everything is set, You can click on join meeting to enter into the meeting or click on present to screen share directly.

After you click "Join Now", An automatic box pops up and give you the Joining info. You can copy the meeting link and send it to the ones whom you want to join the meeting.

  • Meeting details: By clicking on you get the meeting info to let others in.
  • The toolbar in the centre allows you to control the audio and video.
  • There is a special feature on google meet called "Turn on captions" which can give texted captions to what the people in the meeting speak. (Only English).
  • Present now: Screen sharing
  • By clicking on the 3 dots button, You get additional settings.
  • Coming to the top menu, The first button shows the number of participants and who they are.
  • And the other option enables you to chat with everyone.
    • NOTE: When someones join the call, the meeting admin will get access to admit them or deny them to join the meeting

To join a meeting,

The admin will give you the meeting info and you just need to click in the link and you will be redirected to another tab in the same window.

So, this is the complete guide on google meet. Hope you liked the article.

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