Best Telugu Underrated thriller movies to watch with your family on OTT sites!

Thriller movie taking is not at all an easy task. To start off a thriller movie might be easy, but maintaining the pace and justifying the whole plot might not always be successful.Very rarely we completely enjoy the film.Here are 7 of the best telugu thriller movies of our choice. Go ahead and watch them if you haven't..!!


The most recent telugu thriller movie. Directed by a debutant director Sailesh Kolanu, HIT lands perfectly with complete thriller experience. VishwakSen is the lead actor and absolutely reached the best of his performances. The story, taking and the climax are overall well executed. Solving the missing case of the lead actor's girlfriend by taking clues from a previously executed plot, the story take on twists and turns. Overall, HIT is a HIT...!! It is available on Amazon prime.


Remake of the tamil film 'Ratsaasan' , this is one of those edge seat thrillers which gives you goosebumps and heavy beating of your heart throughout. A psycho killer and his serial killings after kidnapping girls and how the protagonist finds the killer is the story. Sai Sreenivas Bellamkonda gave his career best performance. One of those kind of films which cant go out of your head for a few days. Also maynot be suitable if you have a sensitive heart. Available on sunnxt.


Remake of malayalam film 'Drishyam'. One of Venkatesh's best performance. A complete family thriller with the finest performances by the entire cast. Go watch it on sunnxt.


A critical Hit but did not do well at the box office. But, this is a masterpiece. One of Mahesh's best movies. The story, execution and taking at the best.Story of a Rockstar who wants to know about his parents.Do watch it on sunnxt.


Adavi sesh's best movie. The lead actress (Adah) is made to believe that she doesn't have a daughter. She takes the help of the protagonist(Sesh) to find the truth. One of the best thrillers in telugu. Do watch it on sunnxt.


Debut actor and M.M.Keeravani's son Sri Simha did his best for this movie. How a small mistake leads to a whole mess with the lead actor's life is the movie. It all takes place in a single day.Best performances by the hero and his friends. Watch it if you haven't , it is on Amazon prime.


Dubbed version of "Dhruvangal Pathinaaru" . It is the story of finding the accused of a murder. Lead actor Rahman did an amazing job.It is interesting throughput the film. Do watch it on Amazon prime

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