How to create a YouTube Channel and Grow it in 2020?

Youtube is the best platform for Showing your talent and earn money along with it. Few start a youtube channel to follow their passion and others for making money through it. But remember to grow in youtube, If you just want to earn money, it is not possible to grow. You need to have passion and interest.

First, I will give you the instructions to create a youtube channel, Then I will tell you few growth tips for growing on youtube.

To create a Youtube Channel, follow the steps below:

NOTE: You need to have a G-mail account for creating a Channel on youtube.

Step-1: Visit Youtube


Click on the video Icon


Click on upload video


Click on Get Started.


Choose one of the options, If you want the name associated with you G-mail account, you can go through the 1st option. If you want to choose a custom name, you can go through the 2nd option. If you choose 1st option, you will be redirected to step-7


If you choose the 2nd option, write your custom name and click on create. After this, you will be taken to a page where you can add your logo and all. For now, I am skipping it. You can also skip it by clicking on "set-up later"


Click on Upload video.


Drop the video file or Browse the video file by clicking on SELECT FILES.

After you select the file, you can add the title, description and all other stuff. For custom thumbnail, you need to verify your account by 2-step verification. As this article is about How to create a youtube channel. I am skipping the video uploading part.

How to grow on Youtube

So, we got to know how we can create a channel. Now lets dive in to how to grow you channel.

Here are few bullet points to grow your youtube channel and appear in search results.

  • Give the video an attractive title
  • Make a good Thumbnail which can attract the audience
  • Keyword research is very important, You need your video to appear on the search result
  • Be relevant to the topics you choose
  • Don't Clickbait by a thumbnail that is not related to the content of your video.
  • You need some initial subscribers for getting better ranking.
  • Don't use third-party paid tools for increasing your views and subscribers.
  • Select the best topic that you can and research on the topic and upload
  • You need to post original and appropriate content

There are many other points to grow on youtube, but the above ones are the most important ones.

But remember...You need to have passion and Interest on content creation, without it, if your goal is only for making money, It's very difficult for you to both grow and earn money.

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