How to improve wicket keeping skills?


Generally when we speak about cricket we focus on batting or bowling but we often forget the most important aspect "keeping". A batsman faces some overs, bowlers bowl 6 balls a over but a keeper faces all the balls of a match. Wicket keepers are game changers, even the best batsman of the world get out when Dhoni keeps the stumps, a keeper should also have a strategical mindset because he is the person who can see the whole field and can observe the batsman's style and stance. Here are some of the tips which will turn a normal keeper into a veteran like MS Dhoni:

  1. In a cricket match anticipating the batsman and understanding the bowler's plans is crucial. A keeper should have sharp eyes and good catching technique. A good way to improve these skills is by practicing quick, down to earth catches using a wet ball.
  2. 1) Method 1:
  3. First, you need a partner who is capable of throwing quick under arm balls, if you don't have one you can always use the "wall method" like the one mentioned in my previous articles.
  4. Throw the ball towards the wall in such a way that it bounces back low with angle less than 30 degrees.
  5. Make a quick dive to catch the ball and throw it back in the same way within a second. Continue this process for the next 5 minutes until you become perfect and do not miss even a single catch.

Method 2(advanced only for professional cricketers)

  1. Blind fold yourself and first try judging the ball[note: don't catch the ball] do it for at least 20 times.
  2. Now completely focus on the sound of ball and catch it as quickly as possible. This is very tough and needs months of practice to accomplish this task. This skill will help you to judge the ball and react to it instantly even swinging conditions like in England.
  3. After blind fold skills, comes run outs you might wondering how this is possible, this is why we have keytime post you are questions in forum and we will write articles on those topics and will give you suggestions and solutions, going back to the topic follow the following steps:

  1. Start stepping forward to catch the ball.
  2. Next, throw the ball towards the wicket without turning back.
  3. Try doing this from different positions, with quick reflexes.
  4. This skill will help keeper know the exact position of the wickets and can make a quick run out without even looking at them. This skill is very rare, very few players like Dhoni and Adam glichirst use this, however if this is not practiced perfectly it can become a snake in your pocket and can make you miss many wickets and can give away extras to the other team.

Rishabh Pant, a youngster from the Indian Team who has been on the headlines for a long time due to his small mistakes which costed the team a lot of matches, in one such instance rishabh pant tried this technique for a simple run out, but it missed the stumps went for a boundary and India lost that match against West Indies by 5 runs. This means inexperience in this technique can cost you a match and you will have to face a lot of criticism, but that does not mean that it is not worth it, this can be your secret weapon it can also be a game changer. It is in your hands, you can win a game with this technique you can lose one, it solely depends on your hard work and dedication.

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