Want to make a realistic looking Paper rose at home??? With very less materials, here is a simple method to make it at home. Go ahead and try it.


  • Craft paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pencil

1)Cut the single craft paper into 4 equal sized squares.

2)For each square, you need to fold it in middle , fold again and so on till you get a small petal shape. Then, you should mark the shape with the pencil to cut it.

3)Each cube once folded and cut gives you the following shapes.

4)Once done with one square, repeat process with all 4 squares.You should be getting many shapes. But we will require specific poeces from each . We need to cut each flower removing one petal, 2 petals, 3 petals, 4 petals and make them available as below.

5)Join the edges to make plain flowers with each shape.With all the pieces, repeat the process. It will leave you with:

6)Curl each edge with the help of your fingers or q tips or similar sticks. Curl each and every petal to make it look realistic.

7)Apply glue to the center of the big flower. then stick the smaller flower and so on with all pieces until you reach the last sinle petal.

8)Add all the pieces and stick together and you are done. The craft paper rose is ready.

Make them with any desired colour and sizes. for a bigger size, you will need more squares to be cut in the beginning.And so on the process is same for the rest of the flower. These craft paper roses are used just as decoration pieces or can be used in greeting cards, ca be used for photo frames. Easy to make and with very less materials, these realistic craft paper roses are the best available choice for art and craft.These can be used as wall decor, wall hangings or simply show pieces.So grab your craft paper and scissors and start it right now...!!!!!!

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