7 Steps to increase Wireless Network Security at Home and Office

 How to Increase Network Security for Better Encryption


Network security for home and office

If you are getting access to the internet through a cable or internet service provider, it is known as the home network. This home network is allowing the users to connect multiple devices. After connecting our devices with the home network, we forget about it. We don’t take care of it until we are connected with this network via Wi-Fi

We should realize that it is one of the most important devices in our home. We are connected to the internet via this device. It is also providing the gateway to the cybercriminals to sneak into devices. After sneaking into devices, the cybercriminals can get access to our system. Therefore, we must increase network security for better encryption. Some essential tips to increase network security for better encryption are given below;


  • Change The Name Of The Network:

The first step to enhance the security of your network for better encryption is to change the name of the Wi-Fi network. When you change the name of your Wi-Fi network, it will be harder for the hackers to know about the type of router you are using. On the other hand, if you are using the default name of the Wi-Fi network, the hackers will know the manufacturer name. 

After knowing the manufacturer name, hackers can easily find out the vulnerabilities that can exploit this network. You should keep the unique name of the Wi-Fi network. The users should not disclose personal information on the Wi-Fi network. If they disclose the personal information on the Wi-Fi network, it means that they can become the victims of identity theft operation.

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  • Secure Your Network With A Unique And Secure Password:

wifi password ideas

When you install a router in your home, you will know that it has a default username and password. Now, the problem is that most of the users don’t dare to change the default username and password of the router. This thing will also become a big security risk for users. Its reason is that if hackers know the manufacturer name, they can easily guess the default username and password of your network.

 You should change the default user name and password of your router. After changing its default user name and password, you should try to secure it with unique username and password. You should make sure that your network password should consist of 20 characters. In these 20 characters, there should be numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters and special characters.


  • Activate Network Encryption:

Network encryption

Told by experts of a dissertation help firm, the wireless networks are coming with multiple encryption languages. The most famous encryption languages of the wireless networks are WEP, WPA and WPA2. If you want to activate network encryption on your Wi-Fi network, you should use WPA2. By using it, you can easily encrypt the traffic over the Wi-Fi networks. When you use it on your Wi-Fi network, it will replace the older and less secure WEP. 

While using this language, you should not worry about because it is compatible with all the Wireless networks. It is expected that WPA3 will replace the WPA2 soon. When WPA3 will replace WPA2, you can easily enhance the security of your network. It is also coming with security enhancements. It will provide the best security features to the users and service providers.

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  • Turn Off The Wireless Network When You Are Not Using:

turn off wifi

It is a fact that you will not use the wireless network all the time. Therefore, when you are not using it, you should turn off your wireless network. When you do it, you will close the hacking attempts of the hackers when you are not using it. When you frequently turn off your wireless network, you will get three essential benefits. 

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First, it will minimize the hacking chances of hackers. It will also save your device from the electric surges. When you are not using your wireless networks, and electric power surge can damage your device. If you have kept the wireless network device in your room, you will have to face noise problems. By turning off the Wi-Fi network when you are not using it, you can add calmness to your home.

  • Place The Wireless Router In The Middle Of The Home:

wifi router in home and office

Most of the people will think that it will not last any impact on the security of the wireless network. If you place your wireless router in the middle of the house, you will get two benefits. First, it will provide equal access to the internet in all the corners of the home. Secondly, the wireless signal range will be weak outside of the home. Due to the weak wireless signal range, the malicious persons will never get access to your wireless network. As a result, your wireless network will be saved from the hackers.


  • Change The Default IP Address Of The Wireless Router for the better network Security:

ip address

When you install a wireless router in your home, you will get a default IP address on this wireless router. Just like username and password, you should also change this default IP address of the wireless router. The hackers can easily get access to your system by using this default IP address. You should replace this IP address with a less common IP address. The hackers will find lots of difficulties to track this less common IP address of your router.


  • Regularly Update Your Router’s Software:

The software is an essential part of the security of your wireless router. In the software of the wireless router, there will be some flaws. These flaws will become the cause of vulnerabilities in the software of your router. Most of the routers are coming with an auto-update feature. If you are using this kind of router, you don’t need to worry about the update of the software. It will automatically update your router’s software.

 To enable the auto-update setting on your router, you will have to make necessary changes in your router. It means that you will have to allow the router to enable auto-updating. On the other hand, if you are using such a router that doesn’t have the feature of auto-update, you will have to update it manually. These tips helps you in increasing your wireless network security for home and even office.

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