5 Common Mistakes People do while making Resume and CV


5 Mistakes People do while making a CV

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A perfect CV is required to increase the chances of the job that you are applying for. A CV must fulfill all the criteria that are required while writing a CV.  A A CV must be attractive to create a positive image of the candidate on the reader. To get a job, firstly your CV must have the potential to get the attention of the reader. But there are many mistakes that are observed by managers of the companies and CV writing experts. Following are some CV Writing Tips for the candidates to increase the chances of their selection.

Selection of a wrong format for CV:

The chronological CV format is a popular format and is used commonly. If you are applying for a post that needs professional skills and qualification. Then you must choose the format that fulfills the requirements of skill-based CV. There must be added the important points related to your skills instead of working history. There is no need to add the previous working activities that you were performing in the previous organization.

Content of CV does not meet with the Eligibility Criteria:

When a recruiter read your CV, he will compare the content of the CV with the post that you are applying for. He used to check whether the content of the CV is according to the eligibility criteria for this post. The recruiter considers whether the applicant has the skills and experience that is required for this job. It is important to mention the skills and qualifications according to the post for which you are applying for. For general jobs where no specific skill or qualification is required, a generic CV is acceptable.

Mentioning the details of duties instead of Achievements:

There is no need to mention the responsibilities of your previous job because the reader has no interest in your previous activities. But you can get their attention by mentioning your achievements while doing the job. For example, being an IT Professional you can mention that you have designed 50 management systems with a 99% success rate. Your achievements will generate a good impression on the reader.

Use of Odd Fonts:

The font style must be simple, common and readable. There is no need to use an odd font style for your CV. It will look beautiful but your CV needs to be more formal and readable. So, if you use odd fonts there is an equal chance that it might not be readable for the reader or these are not supported by all processing software.

Adding details related to salary:

There is no need to mention the details of the salary that you were receiving from your previous organization. It must be avoided to add salary expectations from the new job. It is just wastage of time and space and it will create a bad image of the applicant on the reader. A recruiter will think that this person is only interested in money and he has a lack of interest in an organization or job.


So, an applicant must avoid these mistakes to improve the quality of his CV. A CV is the record of an applicant, so it must be readable and easily understandable for the reader. Your CV must have the capability to create a strong impact on your personality.





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