Lottery Sambad Today Result - Get Nagaland State Lottery Result 2020

 Lottery Sambad Today - Get Nagaland State Lottery Result

Lottery Sambad is a well-known Indian government lottery game. This lottery game is played three times in India. You can play the Sikkim state lottery, West Bengal state lottery, and Nagaland state lottery to win big prizes.

The Indian government is publishing all results for today’s lottery Sambad. So if you want to know what result is coming today then find it on this Lottery Sambad blog. 

The people of Nagaland state are very passionate about this lottery and they are playing this game for a long time. Similarly, west Bengal state nation is also plying this lotto very passionately. So this post is all about lottery Sambad and you can check how people are winning first prizes through this game.

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What is a Lottery Sambad?

If you are new then you need to know completely about it. As I have mentioned above that Lottery Sambad is a legal and official government lottery that is allowed to play in all over India. 

This lottery is 100% legit and it is operated by the government of Sikkim state, West Bengal state, and Nagaland state.

All these three states are very popular for publishing and drawing the result of the lottery game. So you need to buy a lottery ticket to participate in this game.

Daily at 11:55 am, the first result comes out for this game. Then at 4 pm, we get the second result, and at 8 pm we get the third and last result for this lottery game. So below are the names and times of these lotteries.

  • Sikkim State Lottery - 11:55 AM Morning Result

  • West Bengal State Lottery - 4:00 PM Evening Result

  • Nagaland State Lottery - 8:00 PM Night Result

This is the chart for all lotteries and their results.

Sikkim State Lottery

The very first lottery that Sambad draws out is the Sikkim state lottery. This lottery also is known as lottery Samabd day. So this lotto is played daily at 11:55 AM in the morning and players get the ticket from the local sellers.

At 11:55 AM, the draw result comes out and published on the blog of the lottery. So the players need to buy the ticket before the result comes out at 11:55 am. Also, the first prize for this lottery is Rs. 1 Crore in India.

West Bengal State Lottery

Similar to Sikkim state, the West Bengal state lottery is also played with large numbers of players from all across the Hindustan. So daily at 4:00 PM, we get the result of the West Bengal state lottery. 

Players need to buy the lottery ticket before they ran out of the market. The ticket price is not so much as you can buy it in just Rs. 6 Indian rupees. The result comes out on time and players get the result on the official website in the form of pdf. Just download that pdf format and check the today result online.

The first prize for this lottery is Rs. 1 crore Indian rupees. So it’s a big amount to win.

Nagaland State Lottery


At 8:00 PM in the night, you can check the Nagaland state lottery result daily. Nagaland lottery is also known as lottery Sambad night 8 Pm. So play this night lottery and win a big amount to fulfill your dreams. 

A huge number of players buy the lottery ticket for the Nagaland state lottery and they win the highest prizes daily. The first prize of this game is Rs. 1Crore Indian rupees. You just need to buy a ticket in just Rs. 6 and then you can win Rs. 1 Crore in one day. You can try your luck daily if you are not able to win it in one day.

Lottery Sambad Today Result

If you are looking for lottery Sambad today result then visit the official website of Lottery Sambad and check the lotteries result in pdf file format. Daily at Sambad, they update the result 3 times. 

You just need to buy the ticket and then go to try your luck. Maybe you won’t win a big shot for the first time, but you can win a winning shot in the future anyway.


The Indian government has introduced this lottery to reduce the poverty level in India. So it is all legal and government itself is recommending to play this game. That’s why the price of this lottery is too low because the government wants that every poor person can buy this ticket. 

It is also true that one big prize can change your life forever. So why ain’t you are trying it? It only costs you Rs. 6 Indian rupees that can you bring Rs. 1 crore. 

So play this wonderful game and make your life happy and sweet.

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